27 September 2016

Bruce Lee Style

Not only is he kicking ass, he’s dressed like the hippest thing the ’70s had ever seen while doing it. That’s just what we came to expect from Bruce Lee. Sure, he was best known for his groundbreaking martial artistry and legendary film career, but the guy was also stylish as hell.

26 September 2016

Princess Soraya, 1968

Princess Soraya
Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiary, of Iranian and German descent was Queen of Iran and the second wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran  

24 September 2016

Artist Roberto Chavez

 In one of his most identified canvases “The Group Shoe” a portrait of Chavez with three other artists, Charles Garabedian, Louis Lunetta, and Eduardo Carrillo. The story goes that there was an opening show in 1962, the inside joke was that gallery owner Jerry Jerome had a peculiar way of saying “group show”,  sounding more like “group shoe” ...

 Legendary visual artist, Roberto Chavez. Angelino native Chavez grew up in East Los Angeles, earned his MFA from UCLA, and joined the East Los Angeles College faculty in the 1960s as a pioneering educator in the college’s fledgling Chicano Studies Department.