26 February 2017

Grand Hotel

Wallace Beery as General Director Preysing
John Barrymore as the Baron, Joan Crawford as Flaemmchen and Lionel Barrymore as Otto Kringelein. Grand Hotel won the Academy Award for Best Picture, none of the artists were nominated though.

25 February 2017

Best Actress

Kelly won the Oscar for Best Actress for the role, which previously had earned Uta Hagen her first Tony Award in the play's original Broadway production. The role, a non-glamorous departure for Kelly, was as the alcoholic actor's long-suffering wife.
The win was a huge surprise, as most critics and people in the press felt that Judy Garland would win for A Star Is BornNBC even sent a camera crew to Garland's hospital room, where she was recuperating from the birth of her son, in order to conduct a live interview with her if she won. The win by Kelly instead famously prompted Groucho Marx to send Garland a telegram stating it was "the biggest robbery since Brinks."

21 February 2017

Gentlemen of the press!!!


Judy Garland

 Spoofing a movie star who can only be cast in Oscar-winning dramas, but wants to play "sexy" roles (a la Greer Garson, or Katharine Hepburn) giving an interview to dancing reporters about "her next picture": a bio-pic of Madame Cremantante (the "inventor of the safety pin"). Originally to be directed by Garland's friend Charles Walters, Vincente Minnelli ended up directing the sequence (the two were dating at the time), and Walters was reassigned as choreographer.

"Ziegfield Follies" and directed by Vincent Minnelli