15 February 2018

Jean Seberg en lunette de soleil

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Jean Seberg's influence extends far beyond the cropped haircut and androgynous style which many equate her with; not only did she undertake some of the most important roles in 20th century cinema, one of which made her the face of French New Wave cinema,

13 February 2018

‘The Beach Bum’

Efron will play a character called “Flicker” in the movie "Beach Bum"

The new film by Harmony Korine starring  Matthew McConaughey and Snoop Dogg wearing vintage Vintage Versace.

12 February 2018

Strikingly Handsone John Gavin

John Gavin and Janet Leigh behind the scenes during Psycho,  1960. 

John Gavin born Juan Apablasa, tall, strikingly handsome actor who appeared in “Spartacus,” “Psycho” and other hit films of the 1960s before becoming President Ronald Reagan’s ambassador to Mexico, has died at age 86.